Meet Maeve. Learning to skateboard like her Dad!

We spoke to mother, Angela to learn a bit more about two year old Maeve's journey with the Ookkie. Here's what they had to say.

What was your reason for getting an Ookkie?

Maeve's father is a surfer, so it was important to us to get Maeve comfortable with board sports early on, so she has transferrable skills later on. We saw the Ookkie first on our babymoon and thought, 'We need one of those!'

Describe the learning experience on the Ookkie for us.

Maeve got her Ookkie just after turning one, and it has been so fun and rewarding seeing her progress over the last year. Her balance still amazes us!

Do you get any comments when you're out and about riding the board?

Living in Hawaii, we have only ever seen one other Ookkie, it's fun to have something different, instead of just a standard scooter, and folks definitely take notice.

How has the Ookkie helped your little one in their development?

Maeve has naturally good balance, but the Ookkie has definitely helped her with her confidence, and she loves showing her friends!

How has the Ookkie become a part of your family life and routine?

Living on a gravel road in the country we have to find time to use the Ookkie, so we go on outings specifically to find pavements or sidewalks where Maeve can ride the Ookkie. It is such a great family activity!