How To Use
Your Ookkie

Stage 1

Parent’s Handle & Children’s Handle

The perfect setup for new riders. The children’s handle provides support for the rider when standing and assists to develop balance and stability and gain confidence. The parent handle gives the parent ultimate control in the speed and direction.

Stage 2

Parent’s Handle Only

For confident riders that need some extra help pushing, or want to go further distances with the help of a parent.

Stage 3

Children’s Handle Only

For riders who are confident in standing up and are skateboarding in a safe, protected environment. This phase allows the rider to explore ‘pushing’ and making the board move without assistance, but still provides balance support for the child.

Stage 4

Skateboard Only

Congratulations! The rider has made it to the final stage where they can ride a skateboard without any help!

Questions & Answers

Yes, we designed all the handles on the Ookkie to be height adjustable ensuring children of all heights will be comfortable learning on our skateboard.

Yes! The wheels, bearings and trucks are universal which means you will be able to modify/change these parts. We will not, however, cover any damage which occurs whilst modifying or changing parts.