Looking After Your Ookkie

Your new skateboard is designed with quality components and secret plastic formula to ensure a premium ride, built for strength, flexibility, performance and maximum radness. However, please be aware that over time general wear and tear or prolonged exposure to UV or moisture may impair the performance of your skateboard. We recommend your skateboard be continuously maintained and components replaced throughout the life of your board to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Servicing & Maintenance

Tightening or adjustments of all bolts and nuts may be required to suit your riding preference. It is expressly recommended that you regularly check your skateboard for loose bolts, nuts or damage prior to skating.

Replacement of wheels is recommended after visible wear & tear. Inspect your deck regularly for chips or cracks. If any are found, discontinue use and replace. Replacement of bearings, nuts and bolts after sustained use is recommended.

Replacing components with genuine Ookkie® manufactured components is recommended.

Important Product Information

This complete skateboard is a piece of sporting equipment. It was designed and manufactured to operate with all of the original components supplied. It is only designed to operate safely with correct use of Ookkie® manufactured components.

Any modifications made to this board will invalidate your warranty and may impair safety and/or impact performance of the equipment for its intended use.

Questions & Answers

We don’t recommend leaving your Ookkie in the elements. Although it has been built with premium materials, it still needs to be stored inside and out of the weather. Damaged caused by leaving your Ookkie in the elements will impact the ability to claim under warranty.

We have engineered and built the Ookkie using premium materials which are UV stabilised and incredibly tough. However, we do recommend you store the Ookkie out of the elements when not in use.