About Ookkie

The World's First Learner Skateboard
The Story

Ookkie History

Founded in 2016 by Aussie Dad, Daniel De Gaye, the Ookkie Skateboard was created with one goal in mind - to get children learning to skateboard earlier. As a skateboarder himself, Daniel wanted to teach his son how to ride a board safely whilst also developing fundamental balance, stability and confidence.

"We got our son a skateboard as a gift, but we found it super hard for him to get involved with the board, so I ended up pulling him along one day. He wasn't enjoying it at that moment, and then I had the idea that I needed to push him without holding him."

The idea of Ookkie was brought to life.

Our Mission

Developing balance, stability and confidence.

Designed to help toddlers safely learn to skateboard, while also developing balance, stability and confidence. The Ookkie Skateboard is all about combining fun and early development.

Quality & Safety

High quality you can trust

Quality products and safety is our number one priority. The Ookkie Skateboard and Safety Sets are proudly Australian designed and made from high quality materials.